One proof of the link between the past and the future.

By issuing artifacts from museums and artifacts from museums as nft through blockchain technology, we will preserve proof of the history of the entire world for future generations.

New NFT MUSEUM connects museums around the world into one

Connecting the world as one is a difficult task, but it will be accomplished by bringing together the world's museums as a new symbol of peace for future generations and for the future.

A New Shape for MUSEUM

By creating a new museum revenue model for storage, issuance, sales, and screening using the NFT, and by improving the sales themselves, we will create a new model that does not rely on the government or the state.

Museum3.0 will be a new type of museum using NFT technology. Museum3.0 will be a new type of museum, using NFT's technology.

About us

Autonomous decentralized NFT MUSEUM

The NFT Naruto Museum of Art, the world's first NFT museum, will propose and implement MUSEUM 3.0 to museums around the world. More and more MUSEUMs will join to create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).


It offers a new form of NFT that is available only to a limited number of people, provides a connection to museums all over the world, and is available only to MEMBERS.