NFT Naruto Museum Forms Business Alliance with Joepegs to Launch the World’s First “Wonder World Toys (WWT)” NFT Collection

November 16, 2022

NFT Naruto Museum of Art (Naruto City, Tokushima), the first museum in Japan to manage art-work based NFTs, announced that it has entered into a business alliance with Joepegs, a leading Avalanche NFT marketplace, to launch and sell the World’s first “ Wonder World Toys (WWT)” NFT Collection.

Tthe NFT Museum Management team is entrusted by the Museum with the management, screening, publication, sales, distribution, collating, and examination of all NFT and physical based artworks.

Business alliance with NFT Museum Management and Joepegs

Joepegs is a pre-eminent NFT platform built on the Avalanche blockchain, with a leading presence and history of identifying promising NFT artworks from Japan and overseas artists.  The partnership with Joepegs will enable the Museum to further discover, expand and collaborate with other cultural institutions and artists in Japan and abroad.

As the NFT Museum Management team already has prior experience with selling NFTs on Ethereum, the new partnership is a natural extension to expand its distribution to additional blockchains within the digital assets ecosystem.  The Team’s vision is to realize a NFT Museum Vision (Museum 3.0), where a global network of museums and galleries can be interconnected to display and share artwork to a world-wide audience without borders.

Launch of Wonder World Toys NFT Collection (WWT)

As the first step of the collaboration, the partnership will be launching the “Wonder World Toys” NFT Collection (WWT), which was realized through a partnership between the Jackson Family Foundation Japan and NFT Naruto Museum of Art.

The Avalanche version of the WWT NFT, a profile picture (PFP) created via AI art, will be available for sale starting December 14, 2022 (Wednesday), and ahead of the Ethereum version launch.

Details of the previously announced partnership between NFT MUSEUM MANAGEMENT, WWT and the Jackson Family Foundation can be found at

Sales Details

  • A total of 11,000 NFT units will be sold, with 1,000 PFPs on Avalanche and 10,000 on Ethereum
  • 1,000 PFPs (WWT NFT for Avalanche) created with AI art and based on the theme of “Wonder Woeld Toys”.
  • Nozomu Kubota will be in charge of AI-based art creation, creating the contents of Wonder Woeld Toys
  • Nozomu Kubota is a recipient of the Prime Minister’s award, and his AI-based artwork was previously exhibited at NFT Naruto Art Museum, Haneda Airport Innovation City, and Osaka Expo 1000 Days Ahead event
  • Price: Avalanche version: 1 AVAX (GAS fee is not included)
  • Avalanche version is available for pre-sale.
  • The Avalanche version of WWT NFT will be available at Joepegs NFT Marketplace on Wednesday, December 14, with the official art reveal for purchasers on December 20.

Differences between the Ethereum version and the Avalanche version

  • The Avalanche version of the WWT NFT is a red-colored PFP, with a unique additional benefit of giving purchasers a 1-day entry pass to the NFT Naruto Museum of Art.

Specific instructions for purchasing the Avalanche version of the WWT NFT are available via the official channels below:

NFT Museum Management

Discord (

Twitter (


Discord (

Japan Twitter (

Twitter (

Marketplace (



NFT MUSEUM MANAGEMENT is the management company of “NFT Naruto Museum of Art” in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, which reopened on March 1, 2022, to promote NFT of art works and artworks in Japan. NFT Naruto Museum of Art” in Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture, which reopened on March 1, 2022. NFT Naruto Museum of Art is responsible for the management and operation of the museum, as well as the examination, publication, sale (primary sales), and distribution (secondary sales) of NFTs related to works of art and artwork.


Representative: Taisei Yamaguchi

Location: 149 Hayashizaki-Kitadono-cho, Natsuyo-cho, Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture

Establishment: September 2022



For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact


Telephone number: 088-684-4445



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