New Memberships Emerging from MUSEUM

A new form of NFT available only to MEMBERS

Only NFT MUSEUM MEMBERS have the right to bid and buy

Only NFT MUSEUM MEMBERS can purchase rare and valuable items and NFTs from all over the world.
You can participate in auctions and purchase all kinds of valuable items from all over the world.

Admission and discount tickets to museums around the world

The ticket can be used for admission to the first NFT museum in Japan, as well as for admission and discounts to any museum in the world, as planned in the future. When you visit a museum, you can get a discount or free admission by showing your NFT ownership page.
(Discounts and free admission will be available at some museums.)
*Scheduled to be expanded sequentially.

NFTs held in museums around the world are exhibited.

You can exhibit your favorite NFTs in booths at museums around the world. In addition to museums, we also offer opportunities to exhibit your NFTs at various events we are planning in the future.
(This service is only available at some museums.)
*Scheduled to be expanded sequentially.

Voting and priority purchase rights on the NFT MUSEUM Launchpad

This is the right to vote for holders in the NFT MUSEUM Launchpad, which supports NFT activities for creators' and artists' works, as well as the right to preferentially purchase NFT works released through the Launchpad.

NFT exhibit on the NFT Meta Museum, offering private galleries on the Metaverse

The NFT Meta Museum provides admission to the NFT Meta Museum, the right to participate in events, and personal gallery space in the museum's metaverse space.

NFT MUSEUM MEMBERS to small-lot and co-own NFT

By making NFT available in smaller lots for joint ownership, we will make it easier for NFT MUSEUM MEMBERS to participate in NFT.


Holding of NFT exhibition events such as projects
Original NFT WL giveway for members
2022.12- ・The first NFT MUSEUM MEMBERSHIP
The first sale of NFT to members and the general public begins.
2023.02- ・Second NMM original NFT WL giveway for members and the general public begins.
Second NMM original NFT project started, airdrop for members
The second NMM original NFT project starts selling.


Maximum number of cards to be issued: 100,000
Initial number of cards sold: 10,000
(issued at the end of June 2022)
Price : $500

white list 01

Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys Schedule

Collection name: Michael Jackson Wonder World Toys
Number of pieces sold: 10,000
Private Sale: 0.01 ETH (plus GAS fee)
White list holders only
Chain: Ethereum
Standard: ERC721
2022.09-.MJWWT NFT sales start
2022.11-.MJWWT Home page opened
2022.12-.MJWWT Home Page Listing of Holders
2023.02-.MJWWT Holding an event for folders
2023.06-.MJWWT Metaverse opens, with a room dedicated to the Holder