Let's look at the present.

Beyond Ideology

There are many ideas in the world, who is good or bad, what race, who to support, what should be done, etc. When we place peace as one of the fundamental principles, we need to consider whether these ideas and thoughts are really necessary. In today's vast information society, anyone can access any information by accessing the Internet at any time, but there is someone's idea and guidance, and the limit will be reached before much information can be acquired. In such a process, it is important to avoid making the same mistakes by reexamining the main history and background, rather than just being conformed to someone else's ideas.

What is a Museum?

The present day connected to the past

We believe that the origin of history and the relics left behind by people are stored in museums and art galleries, and that this is the best proof and history. It is the proof that people have been spinning endless proofs, proof of people's existence in the past, and the accumulated results are the form of a museum. If museum 3.0, a new form of museum that transcends national ideologies and connects museums around the world, can be realized, people around the world will be able to access museums wherever they are, learn about history, learn about sources, and trace back to their origins. If we are to think about world peace in the future, it will lead to peace if we can connect places around the world where people can learn the truth.


The root of the problem is the thing

We can no longer go back to the past, nor can we go to the future, but why do we repeat the same mistakes and troubles in the present when we have traced the past? The NFT MUSEUM will be a way to connect these things to the future. The NFT MUSEUM will become a place where we can find solutions to any problems or troubles that we may face in the future.

About us

Believe in the potential of NFT

We offer a new form of museum through NFT.
Address 149 Kitatono, Hayashizaki, muya-cho, Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture
Date of Establishment September 30, 2022
1. to preserve and exhibit works of art
Contribution to the local community through events
3. Promotion of cultural activities
4. Cultural exchange with other countries
5. All activities related to the fusion of art culture and digital culture and NFT
6. Other activities necessary to achieve the purpose of this organization.
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